Dear Middle School Parents & Guardians:

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!  I hope that your summer has been safe and relaxing and that you have been able to spend some enjoyable time with your children and families.  For many of our students summer is a time to kick back and relax and to be “a kid” as they recharge their batteries for a school year filled with new friends, new teachers and academic challenges.

At this time I would like to take a moment to appreciate the following staff members for their dedicated service to the students of Lake Shore Middle School:  Ms. Joan Kuznia – Retirement, Mr. Tim Fitzgerald – Retirement, Mrs. Marie MacDowell – Retirement, and Mrs. Patricia Start – Retirement.  We wish them well in the next phase of their lives / Careers.

As your child begins school this fall there will be a few new faces here at the Middle School.  As of this writing, the Middle School would like to welcome the following teachers to the building:  Mrs. Kim Chiappone - Team Evolution, Mrs. Leslie Grimaldi – School Counselor, Mr. Scott Dragowski – School Nurse.  Additional staff members will be hired shortly.

The Middle School faculty, staff and I have been busily preparing for September since the close of school in June and I am anxiously looking forward to the beginning of another great year.

The Middle School has been a very busy place this summer.  We hosted the Elementary, Middle and High School Summer School programs as well as the Special Education summer program.  Our custodial staff has been doing a great job of getting our building ready for the opening of school.  Our Main Office and Guidance staffs have been preparing opening day materials including locker lists and cafeteria PINS, ordering and inventorying supplies, and registering and scheduling students.  Additionally, many of our teachers have been in working on curriculum projects.

Enclosed you will find your Child’s Class Schedule for 2017-18.  The Middle School will continue to utilize a Six-Day Cycle.  Most of you child’s classes will meet every day 1-6.  Some like PE and Music ensembles will meet on Days 1, 3, 5 or Days 2, 4, 6.  Middle School faculty will work closely with our students to ensure that they understand their schedules.  Middle School students will continue to have 4 ten-week marking periods and they will continue to take their respective Foreign Language courses for a full year in 7th & 8th Grade.  .

 The Middle School Exploratory rotation will remain the same:

 Grade 6                                  Grade 7                                  Grade 8

 Art                                          Art                                          Art

Health                                     Health                                     Health

Home & Career                     Home & Careers                   Music

Technology                            Music                                      Technology


P/E                                          P/E                                          P/E

Library Skills                        Technology                            Home & Careers

Music                                                                                      Key Boarding


                                                Foreign Language                 Foreign Language


 Tuesday September 5, 2017, is the first day of student attendance.  The Middle School day begins at 7:37 AM and our doors are open at 7:00AM for student drop-off and breakfast.  Please be aware that there are no provisions for supervision before this time and that students should not arrive prior to this time.   

 As a School Community, we at Lake Shore Middle School are very proud of our students and our program.  Ours is a school community of high expectations and respect.  We offer a comprehensive academic program that is rigorous well rounded and engaging.  Our students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and service organizations.  I encourage you to talk with your child about these opportunities and for you to, in turn, encourage them to get involved in them. 

 As a faculty we recognize that our program is successful because of your daily support of your child.  This partnership is essential to our mission and we invite you to actively participate in your child’s education.  Please feel free to contact us for ways in which you can be involved and I encourage you to join our PTA. 

 Enjoy the rest of you summer!



Erich Reidell