• Lake Shore Central Schools
    Board of Education

    District Mission Statement:
    Lake Shore Central School District in partnership with our students, families and
    school community will cultivate engaging, diverse, and challenging educational
    opportunities and learning environments to promote life-long learning and
    achievement in preparation for high school graduation, college and careers.
    The Lake Shore Central School District Board of Education supports professional learning communities that focus on results and cultivate a culture of collaboration to improve student learning and opportunity.  The District goals listed below are the measure of our high expectations in all aspects of educating our students. 

    2017-18 District Goals

    • The District will focus on student achievement utilizing the New York State Learning Standards in order to help instill 21st century skills and attitudes necessary for college, career and beyond.  

    • The District will cultivate opportunities and mindsets that encourage our students to challenge themselves and achieve excellence inside and outside the classroom.  

    •  The District will foster a culture where families, school staff and community members work together to share in the responsibility for student academic achievement, social-emotional growth and overall well-being.

    •  The District will proceed with the first phases of our Capital Construction Project approved by our School Community while continuing to maintain our facilities at the highest level. 

    •  The District will utilize technology to enrich students' lives by connecting them globally to resources and experiences that can open minds and broaden their understanding of the world beyond our school walls.  

    •  The District will demonstrate fiscal responsibility and accountability in all areas of operation.