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    Welcome to the Lake Shore 2022: Freshman Seminar web page! My name is Jeff Connors, and I am your child's instructor. Freshman Seminar is an English elective, and all freshmen are required to take this elective and earn a half-credit towards graduation. This is one of the MOST important courses your child will take in his or her high-school education because it is a life-skills course. Students will learn organization, study, life, social, physical and mental skills required to be successful in and after high school. This course relies on the truth that people automatically judge us by the ways we speak, write, dress and act. It is very important to make great first impressions, and students in my course will learn how to impress others with their communication skills. Students will also learn the truths about stress, dangerous habits, bullying and cyber-communication. They will learn powerful, positive and effective strategies that will enable them to stay proactive and productive citizens of this great nation. More than anything else, students will learn that they can DO ANYTHING and that life is all about choices. You choose to be happy, or you choose not to be. Our students attend the "Best  High School in Western New York", and they will learn to take advantage of the great opportunities available to them here!
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