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     Jill Morgan
                            High School English                       

    Ms. Morgan’s Students WITH Online Access

    Period 1 / Public Speaking:

    We will continue to use Google Classroom for class content and Remind for other communication. Though all of you are set up and familiar with our Classroom use, in case something goes wrong, please contact me (see below) for our class codes. Please see my “To All Students” note at bottom of sheet for other information.


    ELA Labs periods 2, 4, 5, and 7

    Please refer to Google Classroom for each period. Most of you are already set up according to your class periods, but if you have recently “switched” lab periods (for example, you used to be in period 3 but now you are in period 4), If you need our class codes, please contact me (see below).

    Because you are all at different levels of ELA skills, our Classroom assignments will be reinforcements to your other ELA work and aide to your individual needs.



    To All Students: Other than Google Classroom communication (and Remind for Public Speaking), you can contact me in the following ways:

    Email: Jill.Morgan@lscsd.org

    Phone: 926-2101

    I will be at my computer every day making sure all of your questions, concerns, etc. are answered and addressed.

    The Power and Importance of READING: Please remember, especially if your technology fails, the most important and worth-while thing you can do to improve, sharpen, and maintain your ELA skills while away from school is simply to READ. Read books, magazines, newspapers, whatever you can get your hands on. Talk to family members or friends (on the phone, of course) about what you are discovering in your reading. Have thoughtful conversations about it.


    If you don't have reading materials available in the house, I will be including online reading sites via our Google Classroom.

    Most importantly, please know that while academics are certainly important, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of you kids and your families. As it's been repeated from every direction, "We are all in this together" and will all do our part to make the most of this uncertain time.

    Stay well, and I will “see you on the computer.” 😊 – Ms. M


    Ms. Morgan’s Students WITHOUT Online Access


    Public Speaking: Well, we can’t do much public speaking without a public to speak to! So, for now, please work on the following:

    Refer to my note “To All Students” (other page) about the power and importance of reading and then get started. Pick a great book to read or reread. If your family gets the newspaper, read every page every day it comes. Then, think about how you would prepare a presentation about that book or something you learned via the newspaper, magazine, etc.

    What would your hook be?

    What would the bulk/body of your presentation look like? What facts would you include? What images?

    Would you have the audience participate? How so?

    What would your “close” be?

    I will be checking my voicemail every day so if you have questions, concerns, please call me. I will call you back as soon as possible and we will set a plan in place about this and any further assignments. Also, if/when you DO get set up online, call or email and we will make that transition happen.


    ELA Lab Students: If you have questions about your assignments from your individual classroom English teachers, please call me and tell me your concerns. I will call you on the phone and we will work through issues together.

    Other than that, again, refer to my not “To All Students” about the power and importance of reading and get started. Read as much as you can and then have thoughtful conversations about your reading with family members or friends (on the phone). If / when you become setup for online access, please follow the instructions on the first page.


    "I fell in love - that is the only expression I can think of- and I'm still at the mercy of WORDS."
    -Dylan Thomas


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