• Dear Students and Parents,


    Another school year has begun.  I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer vacation.  I am looking forward to a challenging and fulfilling academic year in mathematics class.


    Challenging is the key word.  Each year in school should provide numerous opportunities for intellectual development and growth.  I hope that you selected the math course, which will challenge your mind and advance your mathematical growth.  Be advised that merely enrolling in a course and showing up for class does not guarantee success.


    To gain proficiency in math, as in any endeavor, hard work and perseverance are required.  We readily acknowledge that mathematics is hard work.  At this level, computational speed and memorization of formulas do not constitute success in mathematics.  Rather, you must strive to think through problems, and apply previously learned information to new situations.  You must relate, analyze, and synthesize.  In other words, become a real problem solver.  Hard work?  Yes!   Impossible?  Certainly not!


    Let me emphasize these simple strategies for success:


    v  Come to class prepared to work

    v  Keep a detailed notebook

    v  Ask questions in class

    v  Do your test corrections promptly

    v  Actively participate while working in-groups




    v  Pencils and Pens

    v  Calculator                                     

    v  Folder

    v  Loose Leaf Paper                         

    v  Notebook


    Note:  The notebook is used for math only.  These materials must be brought to class daily.  If this presents a financial problem, please let me know immediately.




    v  Will always be announced

    v  Test corrections must be completed within one week following the test date





    Grading: Based on the students total points earned in class. Tests and Class Participation are the bulk of the points.  Students can earn up to 4 point per day by showing up to class on time(1), prepared(1), working(1), and actively participating in class(1). However, the students can and will lose points in the same manor. Tests range between 40 and 70 points. For the most part, there is no homework. We do most assignments in class as a group, but can occasionally have an assignment due for class.  


    Absence:  I strongly recommend that you log onto the website and get the assignment the same day.  Arrangements should be made through the office for anyone absent an extended period.  Students who leave during the day or come in late are expected to hand in all assignments, test, quizzes, etc. given during that class.  Homework should be brought to me before leaving on a trip.  IT IS THE STUDENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO DO THIS.


    Absence Makeup: Students who are absent from class are required to stay after for me one day to make up for one classroom absence.  School policy states that students must not be absent from class more than 20 classes.  Students are required to turn in their missed homework assignments, due to an absence, to ensure that they do not fall behind in class.  Students who do not do this will receive a zero for those assignments missed.




    If you have any questions regarding your child's progress during the year, please feel free to call me in school at 716-926-2132.  I hope this is a successful and productive school year.




    Mr. Takacs