• Advanced Placement (AP) CALCULUS

    COURSE EXPECTATIONS                                  


     The Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus Exam will be given on Tuesday May 5th.


    • Each student must have a three-ring binder by next Monday.  This binder must contain only MATH materials! 
    • A graphing calculator TI-84 (no calculator with CAS capabilities will be allowed)


    Sign-up for Remind101 by texting To: 81010, Message: @97f7k4

    Sign-up for Google Classroom with code: qljrlu


    There will be a caddy for you to store your cell phone during class.  If you do not store it in the caddy during class it will be turned into the office, this is your only warning.  Please respect this policy.



    ASSIGNMENTS: YOU are expected to complete assignments before the next class.  Working with a classmate is encouraged, but cheating is not tolerated. You are responsible for seeing me to obtain any assignments, notes, and announcements when you are absent from class prior to the end of the next class meeting


    Homework will be worth 5 points, class attendance will be worth 5 points and being on time to class will be worth 2 points.  If you are absent from a class you are expected to turn in the missed assignment(s) with the ‘I was absent form’ to receive the 5 possible points for homework.   To earn the attendance points you must stay after school. 


    Homework assignments will be posted on my web-page at www.lakeshorecsd.org


    AP QUESTION ASSIGNMENTS:  Each unit you will receive an AP Question Packet with a specific due date.  All work must be shown to earn credit.  These will be graded and will count as 10% of your average.


    QUIZZES AND TESTS:  Quizzes will range in value from 5 to 50 points. Homework may be collected periodically, without warning, for an extra quiz grade.  Tests will be worth 100 points.  Most tests will be timed. You are responsible for seeing me to schedule a make-up prior to the end of the next class meeting.


    Tests will be made up of AP style questions.  It is my expectation that many students will not complete all parts of a given test, just like the AP exam.  Some tests will be curved in the AP style.   


    Quarter grades will be calculated by dividing the number of points earned by the total points possible, using the following percentages:

    Homework/Attendance: 20%                College Board Assignments: 10%       

    Quizzes: 20%                                        Tests:  50%


    AP Calculus is a college level class and I will expect college level work. 

    Only your best is good enough!


    If you are having difficulty, do not hesitate to get help.  Mathematics pyramids, therefore each concept must be mastered before you are able to move to the next topic.  Utilize the help that is offered!


    Phone:  926-2138                Email: kkreinheder@lakeshorecsd.org