• The Music Department, Community, and Music Boosters provide and fund a number of scholarships to graduating Seniors who have participated in the high school music program.  Scholarship amounts vary (see below).  Interested students should apply through the guidance department.  Criterion will be provided upon application.  Please make sure you apply by the posted deadline!
    The Scholarships include:
    The John Philip Sousa Award - $300 (funded by the American Legion)
    Arion Award - $500 (funded by the Lions Club)
    Louis Armstrong Jazz Award - $200 (funded by the Music Department)
    The Kim Bounamici Director's Award - $300 (funded by the Bounamici Trust)
    Senior High Music Department Achievement Award - $250 (funded by the Music Department)
    Senior High Music Boosters' Scholarship - $250 (funded by the Music Boosters)
    Band Booster "Unsung Hero" Award - $100 (funded by the Music Boosters)
    Thomas P. Chiavetta Scholarship - $500 (funded by Chiavetta's Catering)  Specifically awarded to students pursuing a career in music.
    National School Choral Award - $200 (funded by the Music Department)
    National School Orchestra Award - $200 (funded by the Music Department)
    Hellert Family Scholarship - $500 (funded by the Hellert family)
    Gary Vassallo Memorial Scholarship - $2000 (funded by the Vassallo family)