• American College Testing (ACT) English 11

    Course Overview



    Mrs. Kaminski and Mrs. Fetterick




    Welcome to American College Testing (ACT) English 11!  Our curriculum for this year will focus on the Common Core English Language Arts Standards for reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language.  We will be reading short stories, poetry, and at least one novel or play; writing journal entries, short responses, paragraphs, and essays; and conducting research.  We will also focus on preparing for the Common Core English Language Arts Regents exam, so that each of you will successfully complete that exam in June.  We are looking forward to getting to know each of you throughout the upcoming year. 



    Each of you will need a three ring binder which we will keep in the classroom.  In addition, bring a pen and your agenda with you every day.  You are allowed to eat in class as long as it does not become disruptive or messy.



    Of course, all school rules will be closely observed in this class.  Come to class on time.  Passes will be issued with your own agenda only or using the laminated classroom pass.  Do not bring into the classroom your hat, coat, or bag.  Follow the school dress code.  If we see or hear an electronic device, it will be confiscated. 



    We will do a variety of graded assignments each quarter, and you receive a grade for classroom participation as well.  Grades are calculated on a point system, in which larger assignments are worth more points.  Check your grade regularly in PowerSchool and there will be no surprises!  If you are absent, please talk to us about the work that you missed.  You may be required to stay after school to make up work from an absence.