• Symphonic Band

    Concert Band

    2019-20 Course Syllabus

    Mr. Blodgett:                eric.blodgett@lscsd.org, 716-926-2117                                    Symphonic Band - Period 7

                                                                                                                                         Jazz Ensemble
                                                                                                                                         Instrumental Lessons

    Mr. Kresse:                   john.kresse@lscsd.org, 716-926-2118                                     Instrumental Lessons – Period 2

                                                                                                                                        Concert Band - Period 1


    Statement of Purpose:

    The purpose of this class is to provide an ensemble environment where a student musician can apply their musical knowledge in conjunction with others to improve their musical skills and awareness.  Students will learn to make critical decisions regarding their performance as individuals and as a group as they rehearse and perform a variety of musical works from the wind band literature.  They will also learn greater discipline, responsibility, the value of community service, enhanced creativity and decision making, and be surrounded by other highly motivated and top academic students.  These students are likely to be scheduled together in other classes which will certainly aid them in their quest for a solid academic and social foundation in preparation for college and/or success following high school.



    Band Music  (provided by the school)

    Lesson Book/s  (usually provided by the students)

    Solo Repertoire  (judges copies provided by the school)


    Required Materials:

    A quality musical instrument/equipment in good working order/playing condition  (may be rented from a music dealer, some instruments provided by the school). 

    Please BE VERY CAREFUL when considering the purchase of an instrument.  ONLY purchase an approved make to assure quality and durability.  There are some instruments out there that may be inexpensive at first, however, many times have poor intonation and are un-repairable if “broken”.

    Lesson Books/Band Music/Solo

    Supplies such as:  working reeds, valve oil, slide grease and oils, sticks and mallets for percussionists, etc

    2 Pencils


    Music Stand (provided by the school)


    Optional at Home (but strongly encouraged):

    Music Stand for home (optional – makes for correct posture when practicing at home)

    SmartMusic Software Program:  www.smartmusic.com – approximately $40.00 for a year subscription. 

    This is an outstanding practice/fun tool for any student!



    Practicing at home is the homework for the course.  Success in the course is heavily dependent on weekly practicing to master the weekly skills.  Students will receive weekly lesson assignments in addition to the literature we are working on in band.  Students should divide their preparation at home 50/50 between band music and lesson assignments.  High school students are very busy.  It is best to plan your practice schedule for the week ahead of time.  Students can sign out a practice room any day during a study hall or attend 10th period to practice in school.


    Private Lessons and Instruction:

    Highly motivated students are encouraged to study one-on-one with a music professional outside of school.  There is a cost involved and transportation needed to travel to their private studio.  Please contact your music teacher before seeking out an instructor and we will provide you names of approved quality teachers.