Maia Learning
    Maia is an intuitive, all-inclusive solution for school needs. It was designed to engage students as they build plans that connect school work with their visions for the future. Its processes teach them to succeed in the real world, and not just solve problem sets. Maia also helps counselors have time for the guidance they’d need to provide.
    NYS Regents 
    In New York State all students must take and pass Regents exams to earn their diploma.  
    In preparation for these exams you may take practice exams at the links shown above.
    NCAA - For Student Athletes  
     Click on the NCAA link to register for the clearinghouse. It is recommended that student athletes should register with the NCAA clearinghouse at the start of their junior year in high school, There is no actual registration deadline, but you must be cleared by the clearinghouse before you can receive a scholarship or compete in your sport.