• The end of the French 3 year includes a New York State exam, formerly called the Regents, now called the Foreign Language Association of Chairpersons and Supervisors (FLACS) exam.


    Why the exam?

    The Foreign Language Association of Chairpersons and Supervisors (FLACS) exam holds the same weight as the Regents, allowing students to gain regents credit towards their Advanced Regents Diploma and it is a test of proficiency in a content area.

    For French, the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) exam is similar to the 8th grade proficiency exam, testing the proficiency of the student in the foreign language. Students use all four modalities of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the exam.


    Don't fret! Pratiquez!

    Old Regents Practice


    French 3 Quizlet Access: Click here!


    Conjugemos online practice here!


    Practice regents writing examples with scoring: here!



    Download Passports (notes packets) Here!

    Chapitre 1 

    Chapitre 2 

    Chapitre 3 

    Chapitre 4

    Chapitre 5 



    Writing Practice: writing tasks outlines

    Regents Prep: reading practice passagesverb reference chart


    Review sessions materials: All vocab on quizlet

    Camping future tense formation / future practice

    Packing, Subjunctive subjunctive practice 

    Conjugating Verbs (reflexives/regulars&irregulars) most useful verbs in French / conjugating reflexives

    Asking/answering questions (movie questions) question words

    Body (subjunctive, expressing sickness) 

    Travel (conditional, si clauses, direct objects) conditional review  /  si clauses practice

    Childhood (imperfect, passé composé) passe compose & imparfait

    Childhood (passé composé & imperfect) passé composé vs imparfait / review

    Conditional w/ si clauses, comparatives & superlatives comparatives / superlatives

    All tenses review, open Q&A tense transition

    Exam TBA