• When you need to make up a lesson, a rehearsal, or want to stay for extra credit practice you MUST follow these guidelines;

    1.Arrange a date with Mr. Kresse or Mr. Blodgett.  DO NOT assume you can just show up.

    2.Lessons MUST be made up 10th periods, rehearsals and extra credit can also be made up during study halls periods 2,3,4,5,6 (with permission), 8, and 9.

    3.Check in and get started.

    4.Work for the full period.  No credit will be given for wasted time.

    5.At the end of the period, you MUST fill out the chart on the wall next to our office.  Record your name, the date, the period/time, reason you were here, initial, and OBTAIN our initials!!!

    6.Ask questions if you are unsure.  The process is easy

    Our recommendation – DON’T MISS REHEARSALS OR LESSONS!