Readers' Workshop and Journaling About What You've Read

  • As you have been taught in your Reading Workshop lessons, journaling about what you are reading can help deepen your understanding of, about, and around the texts you are interacting with.  It can also help lead you to more interesting conversations with your peers about what you have read and your thoughts about the material. 

    This page may take me a while to build, but bit by bit, I'll be working on adding pages here that will help give you some ideas for how to journal more thoughtfully.  But remember there is no right or wrong way to do this. 

    All you really need to do is grab a pen, a notebook, and your reading material and just start jotting!  You can jot questions you have about what is happening in the story, predictions you are making as you go along, author's techniques that you are noticing, your reactions to characters' decisions, etc. 

    You can doodle, too! Sketch drawings of what you think the characters or setting might look like and enhance those drawings by adding quotes from the text that led you to create your image the way you did.  

    Have fun with it!  I'll be working on posting ideas and examples for you in the coming days, so check back often.  If you want to give journaling a go and are still nervous about trying it, send me an email and I'll coach you through as best I can.  

    The trickiest thing about it is finding reading material that you are excited about reading!  Talk to your friends and ask them what they are reading that they love, and let me know what strategies are working out for helping you to get your hands on great books and articles!

    Stay tuned for more, 

    -Mrs. Jones (3/18/2020)