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    Mrs. Maggie Sanna MS CCC-SLP 
    Speech Pathologist
    John T. Waugh Elementary School 
    Room 216 B
    Speech Language Services Include
    -Articulation - production of speech sounds
    -Language :Expressive Language- asking & answering questions, describing/defining and comparing/contrasting theme/Core Curriculum.
                     :Receptive Language - understanding information, following directions, problem solving, comprehending multiple steps and correctly following
    - Auditory Processing:  short and long term memory skills, recall information, logic/reasoning
    Services are provided to students based on results of evaluations and individual student need.
    Students are seen individually and in group settings both in the speech room and in class rooms! Speech is fun!
    Progress Notes/Report cards are sent home each trimester. Please look for these inside report card envelopes! 
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     Welcome to Speech! You make me smile!