• Alison Swinnerton
    Global History, grade10 teacher
    Global Review Academic Intervention Services(AIS) teacher
    Lake Shore Central Schools
    959 Beach Road
    Angola, New York  14006
    Phone (716) 549-2300 extension 2157
    Welcome to Room 231 !!  We're glad you're here!!
    Classroom Rules:
    1.  Be on time
    2.  Come prepared to learn
    3.  Show respect
    4.  Ask for help
    5.  Help others
    Special Note:  the Regents Exam in Global History that will be administered in June, 2018 has changed.  Sophomores entering 10th grade in September 2017 will only be tested on 10th grade material!  The exam, as of June 2018, will no longer include content from 9th grade Global History.  The curriculum for Global History in grade 10 starts with Chapter 5, Absolute Monarchs.
    On-line resource for parents and students:  www.NYSEDregents.org
    This is a great website for Regents Exam prep.  Click on Global History . Students should be visiting and working on this website at least once a week to start seriously preparing for the June exam.  Preparation for the June exam should become systematic and on-going since success on this exam determines whether or not a student earns a high school diploma in New York state.  Practice on old exams from the last 10 years or so.  The scoring information is available also.
    Username: ggeography7
    Password: d7n7n
    Access the online text: Ancient World History
    Username: lshore38
    Password: h8w7w
    updated Sept 2016, October 2016, August 2017