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Lake Shore Receives Grant

The Lake Shore Central School District is proud to announce that they have been awarded a $43,200 grant for the Mentor Teacher Internship Program (MTIP) by the New York State Education Department. The highly effective program is designed to mentor new teachers in public school districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) over a five-year period. The grant will go into effect this October.


“We are very excited to have this opportunity here at Lake Shore,” said Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Melissa Bergler. “We’ve had a successful mentoring plan in place at Lake Shore for a number of years, but this funding allows our teachers to purchase customized supplies for their classrooms and attend workshops that will meet their needs as a new teacher.”


Annually funded by the State Legislature, the MTIP supports public school districts in creating and offering organized leadership activities from highly qualified teachers to beginning teachers in their first or second year of teaching. 


The MTIP also provides opportunities for beginning teachers to broaden and enhance their classroom teaching and related skills while participating in a productive, supportive and collegial mentoring experience. Research shows that when teachers new to their positions are paired with experienced mentors, they are more likely to improve their instructional skills and eventually become mentors themselves .


Additionally, the grant will pay for all mentor stipends, the program facilitator, and substitute teachers needed when mentors and mentees are engaged in workshops.


“New teachers are always looking to their peers for effective classroom strategies, and this grant will help us create new ways for them to collaborate to make sure the most current tactics are being applied in our classrooms.”