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AJ Schmidt Honors Student Kindness

AJS Schmidt Names Kind Student of the Month

Congratulations to A.J. Schmidt's latest Student of the Month, Mariam Muhsen!
Mariam is a wonderful 3rd grade student in Mrs. Scholl’s class. Mariam is new to our school and has brought so much kindness and positivity. Mariam is a ray of sunshine!

When she was recognized for this honor, she said, “It makes me feel like I’m sitting on a rainbow because I like rainbows and I like being kind!”

Mariam knows that kindness is so important at school because,“Kindness helps us to be ready to learn at school because our teachers and friends care for us.”

Mariam attributes the influence of her grandmother in knowing the value of kindness. Mariam tries to use the golden rule every day. She treats others in the way she’d like to be treated. We are all so proud of you here at A.J. Schmidt! Keep up the great work, Mariam!

Mariam Muhsen AJS Kind Student of the Month