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Health Department Urges Keeping Up With Pediatrician Visits

Catch Up Now on Visits That Were Canceled or Delayed

The last few months have disrupted so much of our community and its health care – for many families, that means visits to the pediatrician have been canceled or delayed.

The Erie County Health Department reminds us that well-child visits are extremely important. They are a time to:

  • assess kids’ growth and development
  • provide hearing and vision screenings
  • conduct a thorough physical exam
  • take a confidential medical history
  • check in on kids’ mental health
  • provide parents with useful information about safety, nutrition and what to expect as a child grows.

These visits are also how kids are kept on the recommended immunization schedule, protecting them and our community from vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, chicken pox and the flu.


Here are some resources that may be of help: