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The Eagle is Back!

The Middle School’s eagle, removed for restoration and repainting during construction work, is back on its pedestal in front of the school. The eagle sculpture was first spied at Valvo’s back in 2006, relates Spanish teacher Tammy Berns. For the next year, school clubs and organizations busied themselves with fundraisers, successfully acquiring the eagle in 2007. “I went to school here, I graduated from here, and I’ve been teaching here for 34 years,” says Mrs. Berns, who notes that her husband Scott completed the eagle’s pedestal base just a month before he passed away.

Who restored the Lake Shore Eagle? That would be Bruno Niedzwiecki. The accomplished craftsman and Angola resident, a former Lake Shore student, is the long-time owner of abmc Construction. He spent months on the restoration work, and now the school’s symbol of Eagle Pride is back on its rightful roost in front of Lake Shore Middle School. Thank you, Bruno Niedzwiecki!


Below: Bruno Niedzwiecki poses with the eagle sculpture he spent months restoring.

Bruno Niedzweicki poses with the Lake Shore Eagle.


Below: Middle School Principal Erich Reidell and Spanish Teacher Tammy Berns pose with the restored Lake Shore Eagle.

 Eagle with Mr. Reidell and Mrs. Berns