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LSMS Announces Students of the Month

Lake Shore Middle School is proud to announce its Citizens of the Month for November 2020



Jason Fox


6th grade: JASON FOX 
Jason’s favorite subject is Math. He likes to play outside when he’s not in school. In the future, Jason would like to be a police officer. His favorite thing in the world is basketball. Jason believes that hard work is the most important trait for continued success.



Clara Deeds


7th grade: CLARA DEEDS 
Clara’s favorite subject is Science. She loves dance and soccer. In the future, she would like to be an actress and star in TV shows and movies. Her family and friends are her favorite thing in the world.  Clara thinks that being hard working and persistent are the most important traits needed for continued success.




Phoebe Gillick


8th grade: PHOEBE GILLICK 
Phoebe’s favorite subjects are English and Art. She likes to write stories, read and play video games when she is in not in school. Phoebe would like to be a veterinarian. Her favorite thing in the world is animals.  Phoebe things that kindness is the most important trait for success.