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AJS 3rd Graders' Superheroes Featured in New Book

AJS 3rd Graders Publish Their 'Superheroes' Book


Some of Lake Shore’s youngest writers and illustrators have published their first book, “Superheroes,” via the Studenttreasures Publishing program.

The 13 3rd graders (one writer moved away) conducted readings and book signings at a red carpet book launch in Izabella Ventresca’s classroom at A.J. Schmidt Elementary School.

The students each wrote a page about a superhero, such as Spider-Man or Aquaman, and then a second page about a personal superhero, such as Mom or Dad. 

The students used Chromebooks to research and help draw, then transferred the research to their final copy.

“I saw this book as a perfect opportunity to motivate my students,” says Mrs. Ventresca. “Every day they asked if we would work on writing our book. It took us roughly three months to finish. My students put in a lot of hard work, time, and dedication!”



 Superintendent Dan Pacos and class of authors  student reading his writing from book


another red carpet reader   spiderman is his hero


Super heroes sample page    another super heroes sample page