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Mental Health: A Journey for All

NFL Retirees Talk About Their Life Challenges


Lake Shore was one of 10 schools around the country getting a grant from the National Football League Players Association for school presentations on mental health. Conducted for High School students, one assembly introduced the concept of SameHere (how everyone faces life challenges and the importance of mental health). Another was a L.I.F.E. Saver Suicide Prevention session, teaching simple steps to follow if suicidal thoughts occur.


A third session helped students understand the perspectives of others.
A key speaker was Leroy Collins, who shared his story of making it to the rosters of the Washington Football Team and the Jacksonville Jaguars after a childhood that was incredibly traumatic, physically and mentally.

The grant was obtained by technology integrator Mike Drezek, who said the goal is to normalize conversations around mental health. “Great work is happening in our health classes and our counseling center but it was important to come together as a school and shine a light on this topic for ALL,” he says.

Lake Shore students and staff now have access to the #SameHere Scale App (, which helps provide better understanding of our mental health journeys as we navigate through life. 


 "What all of our students heard from these wonderful role models is that if they are experiencing mental health issues, they aren't alone and it’s OK to talk about it. I think that message is very poignant and important for our students to know,” said Superintendent Dan Pacos.




NFLPA audience   


speakers and organizers at digital sign


Retired NFL speaker during presentation