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Board of Education Tours J.T. Waugh

Principal Wesley addresses the Board of Education.  BOE meeting with Principal's PPT

Principal Abby Wesley gave a tour and overview of activities at J.T. Waugh when the Board of Education held its Nov. 1 work session at the school.

The fall action included ice cream socials, bingo, Native American craft demonstrations, bus safety and fire safety presentations, the Book Fair, and preparations for Santa’s Secret Shop in December.

 soaring eagles bulletin board  Share Kindness Outstanding Attitude  Always RespectfulResponsible Behavior  Superintendent and BOE members at SOAR bulletin board


A bi-monthly recognition program highlights a JTW eagle from each grade for their SOARing qualities: Sharing Kindness, Outstanding Attitude, Always Respectful, Responsible Behavior - with names and photos posted in the school’s main hallway.

The fun, informative, and celebratory activities unfold within an underlying structure of priorities and direction at the school, shaped in part by staff surveys.

Principal Wesley said the staff priorities on what this year’s main focus should be were: increased academic stamina (58.8%), students feeling like they belong (52.9%) and improving behavior (35.3%).
The top three areas staff selected for their personal main focus were: self care and reflection (47.1%), improving communication and relationships (29.4%), and incorporating new instructional tools (17.6%).

post it notes exercise
And key words from staff descriptions of their vision for the school were: respectful, grit, creativity, community, colorful, happy, and collaborative.

Judging from these priorities and the bustle of activity at J.T. Waugh, their vision is well on its way to reality. 


Helping others notecard  sensory hopscotch  looking at gym renovation

- Photos courtesy of Melissa Bergler