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Bella Orlando is AJS Kind Kid for March


picture of Bella Orlando with teacher Lori Wunder

Bella is pictured here with her favorite teacher, Mrs. Wunder.  


Bella Orlando is A.J. Schmidt Elementary School’s Kind Kid of the Month for March! Bella received a “Shout Out” from Mrs. Wunder for “being a thoughtful friend and bringing a classmate her instrument.”

Bella says she likes school because she likes learning, being with her friends, and meeting new people. Because she loves kids and animals, she wants to be a teacher or work with animals when she grows up.

Outside of school, Bella likes to play sports  - soccer, dance, and hockey - and play with her friends. She learned how to be kind from her mother and friends. Bella’s mom and aunt are kind to her. They enjoy shopping and going out to eat together.

To Bella, being kind means “being nice to people, forgiving them when they make mistakes, and being a trustful person.” She believes it is important to show kindness because, “You never know what someone else is going through and you don’t want to hurt their feelings.”

Some advice Bella would like to share to other kids is to always “be a good role model and show people who you really are. Show the good side of you.” Being kind makes Bella feel good about herself and boosts her confidence.

Teachers can encourage others to be kind by telling them it's not ok to be mean. Teachers could also ask others, “how would you feel if it was done to you?” Bella feels you should treat others the way you want to be treated, with kindness. Bella loves to show kindness and was very happy to be the Kind Kid of the Month! She hopes others will follow her lead and show kindness every day.