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UPDATE on the Elementary Space Study

Lake Shore Board of Education members are researching the use of elementary instructional space. Throughout September and October, staff members joined committees to provide input on different ways to think about space in our elementary programs.

Our Board of Education conducted K-8 building tours, and parent meetings were held this month, as well. Our facilitators are appreciative of the feedback received so far. It is never easy to discuss change, and your input has been invaluable to the process.

Items that have been discussed or mentioned in committees include:

- reopening William T. Hoag,
- redistricting
- creating two grade K-3 buildings and a grade 4-5 building at J.T. Waugh.   

A detailed explanation of issues that the District has studied and discussed during this process is HERE.

Currently, the Board of Education is studying the UPK programming in our District and the implications of our current staff teaching and assisting in the UPK program at the Hoag building.
The Board is hearing from administrators about the implications of space, transportation, collaboration with local partners, state requirements to run a UPK, and financial implications. Using current staff would free up some space at our elementary buildings so this would meet two goals: finding more space in our elementary buildings and running our own UPK program.
This month, a committee of staff members will review the UPK option and give input on the consideration of using the William T. Hoag space and requirements of the UPK Program. 
The Board of Education meets two times a month in November and December (the first and third Tuesdays) at 7 p.m. Locations are available on our website.  No decisions have been made as we are still in our exploratory stage of the space discussion.