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Freshman Academy Students Dress to Impress

Every year in Freshman Seminar, students spend time learning how to be professional and make good first impressions for life in and after high school. This includes learning professional hygiene, manners and tact, clothing care, dining skills, financial literacy, and dressing to impress for job interviews and professional development.

For three Fridays in May, freshmen were asked to "dress to impress" to show the world they are no longer children, but young adults who know how to look and act professionally. Each Friday, about 170 freshmen dressed up, keeping their own personal sense of style, and they felt the power that comes with knowing how to be and look professional. 

Below are members of the Lake Shore Class of 2027 posing in front of Lake Shore's "Photo Stop," used to enhance the importance and fun of the event!

3 girls dressed to impress
From left: Skyler A., Kaylee D., Natalie P.

3 boys dressed to impress
From left: Nate Skibinski, Owen Hamm, Peyton Chekowski

4 boys dressed to impress
From left: Griffin R., Nick G., Cameron D., Kole H.

6 boys dressed to impress


7 girls dressed to impress
From left: Drew C., Samantha K., Peyton V., Natalie V., Caprina P., Brooke D., Cassidy D.