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Google Classroom for Parents
The following is a guide created by our technology integrators to help parents support their child with Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom Guide for Parents

Video (from New EdTech Classroom)

Please note that parents cannot log in to Google Classroom. Only users (students and staff) with an Google Account can sign in. Parents can sign up for Guardian Email Summaries (Daily or Weekly) by contacting the teacher and sharing their email address.


Expectations for Video Conferencing

Online Learning

Online learning information is being posted on each school building's website homepage. You can visit the pages directly by clicking below:

High School

Middle School

A.J. Schmidt Elementary

Highland Elementary

J.T. Waugh Elementary 


Learn at Home with PBS KIDS!

No Internet Needed - Just A TV!
Learn at Home with PBS Kids

PBS is broadcasting special "Learn at Home" programs weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on WNED PBS KIDS. Click HERE for more information!