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FAQs & Videos About the FALL 2020 Re-Opening Plan ...

During this challenging time we are working very hard for a safe re-opening of school. Here is the full re-opening plan for Fall 2020.

There are some things everybody is wondering about, so we've taken the most frequently-asked questions and compiled them in this document, which is available to view HERE.



Meanwhile, several staff members have helped develop quick videos for a bit more information and detail about what things will be like when school reopens:


The Fall season is expected to start on Sept. 21, 2020 and Lake Shore Athletics is taking social distancing and safety measures to proceed with everyone's health and well-being in mind. Plus, the new gym floor looks great! See it in the video message from Athletic Director Daryl Besant HERE.


Cleaning, sanitizing and social distancing are just as important on the bus as in the classroom. Bus driver Bev Rosario and bus attendant Sue Stevenson walk us through the protocols they've been following on their summer special education bus run. All buses will follow the same protocols once school gets underway. See how it works HERE.

Miss Bridget demonstrates the process on a large bus HERE.

Middle School Announces New Drop Off & Pick Up Protocols HERE.


Face-Coverings in the Elementary Classroom
When are face-coverings needed, how are they properly worn, how do we prevent them from getting lost or misplaced during the day ... A.J. Schmidt Principal Jill Clark and her volunteer "class" cover all this and more HERE.

Face-Coverings: Keeping It Clean
School Superintendent Dr. Galluzzo demonstrates how to wash your Eagle mask (nightly, please!) HERE.


Hand-Washing for Grown Ups (and others who don't want to touch sink and door handles)
Christine Starks, Building/Program Administrator at the William T. Hoag Educational Center, invites us in to the lobby facilities for a look at how to manage a lavatory visit without touching sink handles or door handles - or anything you don't want to - HERE.

J.T. Waugh Info
Principal Paula Eastman gives some back to school information about:
Cafeteria arrangements at school
Arrival at school each day


It will be carefully monitored by teachers, there will be before and after handwashing, and masks if they are not six feet apart ... but, yes, kids can play on playgrounds, says Highland Principal Colleen Politowski:

Stand Back ... social distancing calls for standing back about six feet when entering an office
We used to lean against a counter when we walked into a school office - not anymore. Social distancing protocols call for leaving a six foot distance. Middle School Assistant Principal Katy Berner-Wallen demonstrates how it's done HERE.


Temperature Checks
Students will have their temperatures checked every day before they enter for classes. High School Principal Christine Koch and her volunteers demonstrate the process and protocols HERE.