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COVID Response Update 

NYS Initiative Provides Kits for Parents to Test Children As School Resumes 

New York State is providing an opportunity for parents to test their children for COVID as school resumes next week.

New York State is providing test kits (Binax self-administered tests, the kind you get in a drug store) to BOCES, which will distribute them to Lake Shore and the other BOCES component school districts. 

Lake Shore anticipates receiving the test kits by this weekend, and our intent is to send them home with students on Monday. If you do not wish to receive a test kit, please have your child bring in a note to that effect and we will not send it.

PLEASE NOTE: This testing is VOLUNTARY. There is NO requirement for parents to do the testing.


Parents who choose to participate may report any positive cases confidentially to the Erie County Department of Health at

Here is a video demonstration of how to take a COVID test at home: