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Tech Students Compete in Bridge Competition

Lake Shore High School applied engineering and technology students enrolled in CADD, Advanced CAD, and Technical Applications classes participated in the annual Association for Bridge Construction and Design Contest on February 14th at the Classics Five Banquet Facility in Amherst.  Technology Teachers Mr. Frew and Mr. Panfil supervised the engineering and construction activities.

Over 130 students from Western New York constructed bridges made of only lightweight balsa wood and glue, designed to support a 100-pound test load.  Congratulations go out to the majority of the Lake Shore participants, most bridges did not fail under the 100 pound test load.  Participating students carefully studied the competition regulations while designing bridges which would handle the stresses and strains of the testing equipment.

During the event, competitors had the opportunity to speak with engineers regarding designs and career opportunities. They also had the opportunity to network with University of Buffalo engineering students.

Special Congratulations go to Gillian Barclay and Daniel Slotman.  Gillian placed first for overall engineering design and construction.  Dan placed #2 overall for efficiency, his bridge weighed only 125 grams, but supported a test load of 274 pounds! 

Dan S


Additionally, congratulations go out to David Pignone, Jayke Smith, Jacob DeAngelis, Owen Glose, and Kaliana Palmer, whose designs placed in the top 25.

 Bridge Pic 1 Bridge 2 Bridge 3 Bridge 4 Bridge 5