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Homecoming 2019

Friday, September 20th
Hallway Decorating (each class will choose a US state as a theme)

Monday-Saturday, September 23-28 Homecoming Week! 
Theme Days: Please join us! 
Monday: Cowboy Day
Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day
Wednesday: Class Color Day (maybe elementary/ms does own theme here?)
Thursday: Hippie Day (50th Anniversary of Woodstock Road Trip)
Friday: Green and White Day
Homecoming Events: 
Wednesday 9/25: Powder Puff at 4 and Homecoming Carnival immediately after on East Side til 8:30PM (car smash, bonfire, food trucks, music)
Thursday 9/26: Class Float Day (work on your float that night)
Friday 9/27: Pep Assembly at 1:30, Parade at 5, Game at 6:30...
Saturday 9/28: Dance 7-10PM