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Student Run Bank

School-Run Evans Bank Branch Now Open!

Getting a bank account is a big step in becoming an adult. Having a safe and well-managed savings and checking account is the first step in financial freedom to help one in getting a decent car, saving for an apartment, and getting a debit card. You may have heard the term “bankers hours” before. That’s when most banks are open for business but unfortunately it’s also the time when students are busy at school. That is not a problem for the students at Lake Shore. They have their very own bank branch right in the high school.

The juniors of the Academy of Business & Finance at Lake Shore High School work the school-run bank that is partnered with Evans Bank. On a day-to-day basis the students interact with customers and make transactions for them. Some of the most beneficial aspects for Academy about working in the bank are getting experience in a job-like atmosphere, working on their customer service skills, and learning how everything works.

The bank is open during lunch hours, Monday through Friday, for any student or employee who has an account with Evans Bank. They can deposit cash or checks to their account during that time. Every transaction made in the school bank gets transferred to the Evans bank.

An ATM is conveniently located outside the branch so students can check account balances and access their money. The Academy students find that it is important for students to use the school bank because they are getting experience banking by themselves during school hours, and they are learning how to do everything independently. 

Juniors Jessica Rinehart and Brennen Hering are ready to work the school-run Evans Bank branch.