Did You Know?


1.       Lake Shore Central Schools owns and operates its own Transportation Department.

2.       Approximately 80 employees (including School Bus Drivers, Mechanics, School Bus Attendants, Transportation Clerks and the Transportation Supervisor) work out of the facility located east of the High School at 8710 North Main Street.

3.       The district owned fleet comprises of 61 Department of Transportation (DOT) certified school vehicles and 24 Buildings and Grounds vehicles.  

4.       Each day, our buses transport over 2,800 public and non-public pupils.

5.       Lake Shore buses make almost 1.2 million student pickups and drop-offs per school year.

6.       Our fleet travels over 640,000 miles a year (about 122 round trips from New York to Los Angeles).

7.       Each school day, our fleet rolls up almost 5,000 miles, serving 37 schools in Erie County. In the summer, our special needs buses travel an additional 1,000 miles per day.

8.       In 2002, we were recognized as one of the “Great Fleets Across America.”

9.       Lake Shore began using computer-assisted routing in 2011. We optimize routes for efficiency (load level, run time, tier combinations, etc). For efficiency, district buses make at least two trips every morning and afternoon.

10.    It would take an average of 36 cars to transport students now riding on one school bus.  Each car that would not have to drive to and from school would save our planet over a ton of carbon dioxide annually. Our school buses save the Lake Shore community about $1.7 million per year compared to children being driven to school by mom and dad. [1]

11.    Our new bus engines use Selective Catalytic Reduction to attain near-zero emissions, with only nitrogen and water coming out the tailpipe (98% fewer emissions than the buses they replace).[2]

12.    School bus drivers are the most highly trained, tested and observed drivers on the road. Lake Shore bus drivers earn Commercial Drivers License Class B licenses with Air Brake, Passenger and School Bus endorsements. All are fingerprinted and criminal-history-cleared by New York  Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They have annual medical exams and physical performance testing. They must pass drug and alcohol tests (including random) and in-service written and behind-the-wheel tests. Department of Motor Vehicle-certified, the Lake Shore Transportation Supervisor frequently observes their defensive driving and passenger management. 

13.    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, children are 61 times safer going to and from school in a school bus than in a passenger car.[3]

14.    Lake Shore’s school buses exceed Federal and State minimum standards with safety features such as direct vision of pedestrians, strobing crossing lights, anti-collision lights, extra reflective marking, between-rails fuel tanks, fire-block upholstery and lap-shoulder safety belts.


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