It is expected that students will treat both adults and fellow students with respect and courtesy in all situations be it in the classroom, during specials, lunch, field trips and on the playground. Children are expected to follow the classroom procedures and rules.


    I encourage and expect that each student will develop a positive attitude and will do his/her best work at all times. Each student will demonstrate the ability to work independently as well as work with other students in small and large group situations. Students will deliver all communications between home and school on the day the notes are written or given to him/her.


    It is expected that each student will listen to and follow directions. Each student should develop the ability to follow both oral and written directions. Each student must be ready to participate in daily activities of the classroom using time appropriately and without distracting fellow students.


    Homework is essential. It requires responsibility, organization, time management, and gives practice, and reinforcement in each area of study. Your child is expected to complete ALL assignments neatly, thoroughly and on time.

    In order to inform you about homework assignments, your child will bring home, daily, a list of assignments in his/her planner that has been provided by the school. It is expected that an adult at home will check over the planner and sign/initial the planned after homework has been checked and completed. I will be randomly checking for parent signatures on planners. Please expect your child to have homework most nights.

    For Math, each student should be taking his or her math binder home daily. The math homework mirrors what we have done in class on the Problem Set page. It is important that your child looks at the examples that we did in class to help them complete their homework problems. Visit twitter.com/Grade5Room117 for Math homework (HW) assignments and links to helpful videos.


    DEAR Time is scheduled daily for my homeroom students. Students are expected to come to school with a chapter book to read during DEAR time. Occasionally, written and oral updates of the books being read will be expected and asked for. Parents are requested to encourage the student to read at home for enjoyment. Parents are also encouraged to read aloud to their child. Even fifth graders enjoy being read to regularly!


    A student whose work is of poor quality will be expected to complete the assignment again, in order to receive credit for the work. Incomplete assignments will also need to be completed to receive credit. Each student is responsible for making up WORK AND TESTS missed when out of the room due to absences, lessons, etc.


    Students in 5th Grade should be fluent in both multiplication and division facts. These skills are essential to the 5th Grade Math curriculum. I recommend a pack of flash cards from the Dollar Store to be used for practice. Additionally, there are many online math game websites and apps that can be quite helpful and entertaining. Arcademics.com is a fun one! Other online math games are listed on my website under “Math Practice.”