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        Hello! My name is Miss Caboot. I am thrilled to be the 5th Grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher here at Highland. Fifth grade is going to be a busy, challenging, and exciting year! Although this will be my third year teaching at Highland, this school has captured my heart from quite a young age. That’s right! I’m a former “Highlander” and I cannot begin to express the excitement I have to be able to teach back where my schooling began.  

        I graduated from Lake Shore in 2010. I went on to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Saint Bonaventure University. Then, I received my Master’s Degree as a Literacy Specialist from State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo.  
        One thing that I am passionate about is my love for baseball. I grew up with a ball and glove in my hand. Watching my older siblings Nichole and Brandon play made it easy to jump right in. I started my career at Evans Youth Baseball and continued right on through during my years at Saint Bonaventure. I am proud to be a Lake Shore Eagle and Saint Bonaventure University Softball alumna. After graduation, I was able to continue my love of softball and coach for Lake Shore. I hope to coach again in the future!  
        Off the field and out of the classroom you can find me exploring a new hiking trail, camping up at Allegany State Park, or sitting in a tree stand during the hunting season.