Hello my name is Ms. Michelle K. Myles…I am The School Counselor for Anthony J. Schmidt Elementary School. If you are not sure what a school counselor does please read more...


    What is a School Counselor and what do we do?

    Do you know that your counselor . . .


    ·         Listens to you?

    ·         Talk with you when you are happy, sad, or angry?

    ·         Can visit your classroom?

    ·         Helps groups of boys and girls?

    ·         Is your friend?

    ·         Helps you in solving problems with friends, or family?

    ·         Can work with you by yourself or within a small group?

    ·         Aids parents and teachers in helping students?

    ·         Is a safe person to talk to.


    Why would I want to visit my counselor you ask?

    ·         “I’m getting picked on at the bus stop and I don’t know what to do about it.”

    ·         “my best friend isn’t talking to me anymore.”

    ·         “I think my parents are getting a divorce.”

    ·         “I am new to this school, and I am really scared.”

    ·         I did a lot better on my last math test and I want to tell someone.”

    ·         My dog got hurt and I’m worried.”


    Elementary School Counselors Help Kids. . .

    ·         develop a better understanding and acceptance of themselves.

    ·         cope with family change.

    ·         develop decision making and problem solving skills.

    ·         School staff, teachers and administrators understand and meet the needs of all students in social and emotional areas, intellectual, personal, and academic areas.

    ·         Consult with outside agencies to help families find services.

    ·         Children to understand themselves better.

    ·         Parents and teachers create a positive learning environment so kids can learn their BEST!


    Why would parents want to talk with the counselor?

    ·         “Sara doesn’t want to go to school in the morning.”

    ·         Joshua says he doesn’t have any friends and is very sad.”

    ·         “Joe seems angry lately & he won’t talk with us about it.”

    ·         “Kevin has difficulty going to sleep at night and often has nightmares and can’t sleep.”

    ·         “Beth won’t tell us what is bothering her.”

    ·         “Someone is picking on Sue and she won’t tell us who.”

    ·         I think my child is being bullied and I do not know what to do.

    ·         My husband and I are not getting along and we need to find a counselor to help us.

     Here are some reasons your teacher or Principal at school might want to talk to the School Counselor . . .

    ·         “Billy is absent a lot.”

    ·         “Mikey cannot sit still in the classroom.”

    ·         “Patrick is new to this school and he is a little scared.”

    ·         “Amanda’s behavior has really deteriorated over the last couple of weeks.”

    How can you come see the counselor?

    ·         You can ask your teacher to go to see the counselor.

    ·         Your teacher can send you.

    ·         Your parents may ask the counselor to talk with you.


    The School Counselor is NOT . . .

    ·        A Disciplinarian

    ·         An Administrator

    ·         A Principal

    ·         A Social Worker

    ·         A Psychologist

    ... However they may consult with them.


    Elementary School Counselors Believe. . .

    ·         Children have dignity and worth as human beings

    ·         Children learn best when they feel good about themselves and their relationships with others

    ·         Children who understand their feelings are better able to control their behavior.

    ·         Children are capable of making responsible choices.

    ·         Attitudes formed during the elementary years shape attitudes towards learning, self and society.


    Elementary counseling services are available to ALL students not just those in a crisis situation.
    Michelle K. Myles
    School Counselor

    Anthony J. Schmidt Elementary School
    9455 Lake Shore Road
    Angola New York 14006
    Phone number:                     716-926-2363
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