• Book bag or Backpack
    Sneakers for Physical Education
    Art Smock 
    3 Boxes of Tissues
    2 Boxes of crayons 
    10 Large glue sticks
    8 Expo Dry erase markers
    1 Pair of Scissors
    1 Plastic Pencil/Crayon Box
    2 Boxes Quart Sized Zip Lock Bags (girls)
    2 Boxes Gallon Sized Zip Lock Bags (boys)
    1 Change of clothes in labeled gallon size bag
    4 Large primary pencils
    2 Pink eraser  
    1 Folder with pockets and prongs (plastic folders will last much longer)
    1 Container of baby wipes
    1 Old sock/rag to be use as a dry erase eraser
    A jar of Play doh