• Hello,
       My name is Kathy Wagner and I have been an Occupational Therapist in the district for many years! In fact, I have reached that point where I have had more than one generation from a family! Often, families will ask me what exactly I do for students in a school based setting. The areas I typically address with students include: visual perceptual development/ visual tracking, fine motor skills, large motor planning/ strength/ coordination, and activities of daily living. In particular, students are often referred to me through our child study team (also called Response to Intervention) for needs in these areas, and if indicated will complete a screening or evaluation. Following this process, I review my findings with the family and also need consent from a pediatrician in order to provide services. We are fortunate that our district allows for students to receive occupational therapy, even if they are not 504 students or have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), as my schedule allows.
       Family support and carryover is an very important part of my student's success! I love to consult with families about simple ways they can help their child make faster growth in their areas of need. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have, and you can reach me at (716) 926-2701. I look forward to hearing from you!
    Mrs. Wagner
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