• Our scheduled lunch time is 12:15 each day.  Most children are hungry by that time, so feel free to send in a snack to be eaten mid-morning in the classroom. There are many healthy snack options your child may enjoy during our daily snack time.  Please try to choose a snack that is clean, easy to eat, and healthy.  I do not recommend snacks that may get the children's papers dirty or require a spoon to eat.  Below you will find a link that lists some great ideas for classroom snacks and an approved list of snacks for children with peanut, tree nut, and coconut oil allergies.  Although we do not have any children in our class this year with food allergies, it is good to be aware of safe foods for children with food allergies to eat or be around.  Be creative and have fun with it!  
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    Safe Snack Guide: 
    Approved Snack List 

    ·      Any fruit (fresh or canned)

    ·      Vegetables (with dip/hummus)

    ·      Goldfish (all kinds)

    ·      Teddy Grahams (all kinds)

    ·      Cheese/cheese sticks

    ·      Jell-o

    ·      Oreos

    ·      Yogurt 

    ·      Applesauce

    ·     PopTarts (strawberry, blueberry, cherry, and brown sugar)

    ·      Nutrigrain Bars

    ·      Sun Chips- original

    ·      Pringles- original

    ·      Saltines

    ·      Triscuits

    ·      Wheat Thins

    ·      Raisins

    ·      Hostess cupcakes

    ·      Rice Krispies Treats

    ·      Dunkaroos

    ·      Handi Snacks (oreo,cheese/crackers, cheese/pretzels)