• 10 Tips for Building Listening Skills
    1.  Be a good listener- maintain eye contact and listen to what your child says.
    2.  Remind your child to look and listen at the same time.
    3.  Give clear directions in a logical order.... First- then- next.
    4.  Repeat what you have said as often as needed.
    5.  Restate what you have said, using different words, if repetition is needed. 
    6.  Call attention to the different environmental sounds you hear.
    7.  Speak slowly at a normal rate.
    8.  Make listening fun - use nursery rhymes, jingles and songs.
    9.  READ to your child often!  Ask your child questions about the story.  Let your child retell the story to you.
    10.  Ask questions to find out how much your child remembers and understands.