• Suggestions for Articulation Practice
    1.  Model sounds correctly for your child to imitate.  For example, if your child says, "Time for --peech", you say, "yes, it is time for SSSpeech."  It is helpful to exaggerate the error sound when you provide the model.
    2.  Use discrimination skills to help your child to distinguish between correct and incorrect word production.  For example,  hold up a spoon and ask, "Is it a --poon?"  When your child disagrees, say, "That's right, it's a SSSpoon!  Good listening!"  Once your child is consistently aware of the presence/absence of a sound, your can play a little game.  You might say, "Here is my --poon."  Your child will probably enjoy correcting you by saying, "No!,  It's a spoon!" 
    3.  Children need to find that speech is a fun, rewarding experience.  Give your child positive reinforcement for each speech attempt.  Try not to pressure for productions as this is often frustrating for a child.  Be a good speech model - let your child know that you think talking is fun!
    4.  Read together to practice your child's sounds.
    5.  Play name games that ill facilitate your child's sounds. 
    6.  Practice daily any speech work that is sent home.
    Thanks for your help!!