•                                                         Selecting a Book for Your Child
    Dear Parents:
    There is sich a large selection of books for children these days-how do you know which ones to choose to read to your child?  Your objective as a parent is to get good books into the hands of your child, books that you think he/she will like.  How do you know which book will strike the cord and turn him/her on to something new, something creative or something that will capture his/her imagination?
    Here are some hints in selecting a book for your child:
    *Find books relating to the hobby and interests your child enjoys.  A good book in that particular subject matter will not only entertain your child but will be educational as well. 
    *Bring your child along- to the library or bookstore- when picking out a book.  The more he/she takes an active interest in the project, the more interested he/she will be to read the book.
    *Find books with picture, even if your child thinks the book looks like a "baby" book.  The pictures help spark discussions, they unlock the imagination and they promote creative storytelling. 
    * Select a book that you enjoyed as a child and read it aloud with excitement and familiarity.  Most likely, with this enthusiasm, your child will enjoy it too. 
    *  Select books that have gold and silver awards on them.  Award winning titles are selected by their content and are usually very safe books. 
    Happy Reading!
    Mrs. Porter