JANUARY 2021



    January has arrived and it is my sincere hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  Each January, I anxiously await the return of your children because I am certain to hear some fascinating and entertaining stories.  I often marvel at the detailed descriptions they provide when describing their time away from school. This school year, we’ve faced many challenges but the Waugh family perseveres and continues to demonstrate resiliency.


    New restrictions require COVID screenings to be submitted daily, either electronically or on paper for ALL Hybrid students. Mrs. Cervola, our school nurse, is responsible for monitoring and recording this important data. 


    Please be sure that contact phone numbers are updated. Be aware that “full mailboxes” limit our ability to provide you with information about your child(ren).


    The second trimester ends on February 12, 2021. Full Remote families, please watch for next letter of intention to remain Remote or return to the Hybrid program, which will be sent out mid-January.


    Mrs. Paula J. Eastman

    J.T. Waugh Elementary