The Character Education Theme for January is JOYFULNESS  

    joyful quote


    Key Concepts for Joyfulness:

    Master Your Emotions: Maintain a good attitude by keeping your emotions  control…even in the midst of unpleasant circumstances

    Look on the Bright Side:  Identify the deeper purposes that give meaning to your trials and joy to triumphs.

    Seek to Serve:  Replace self-pity and selfishness with a constant effort to do good things for others.

    Lighten Up: Share good humor to relieve tension, refresh others, and build relationships.

    Set the Move: Contribute to an environment at work or school, and at home that radiates as much good cheer as possible.




    January has arrived and it is my sincere hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  Each January, I anxiously await the return of your children because I am certain to hear some fascinating and entertaining stories.  I often marvel at the detailed descriptions they provide when describing their time away from school. 





    Paula Eastman
    J.T. Waugh Elementary