• December 2019


    PARENTS- Please read your child's agenda every night, then check to see that your child did their required work for that night, then sign the agenda every night. Your signature verifies that you read the agenda and made sure your child did all their homework.
    December -      05-06- Conferences
                          10- Holiday Store
                          20- Classroom Party
    Social Studies- We are finishing Unit 1, and starting Science.
    Math- We are are currently working on Module 4- Addition and Subtraction within 200.
    Spelling-  Weekly spelling lists will be coming home with a test on Friday of each week. Lists are in your child's agenda as well as on this website.
    Field Trip- TBA
    ELA- We are working on many things in English Language Arts (ELA).  In phonics we are working sounds like "-ang, -ong, -ing, -ung". Don't forget your monthly reading calendars.
    Science We will be starting EROSION this month.