• Students and parents please check in to Google Classroom 7th Grade Band 19-20, email, as well as this website as we work through how we will begin Online Instruction. Students will be able to pick up instruments and music Wednesday March 17th - this will be your only opportunity. This will take time to get adjusted to, so please be patient, but in the meantime be sure you have all your materials for band and lessons. 

    The plan for continued progress will develop and specifics will be shared through Google Classroom, email, or this website.  For now, please practice your band music and continue to make progress in lieu of simply sitting home.  This is not a vacation, it is a medical precaution, and academics, while self driven, should continue to be a part of your daily routine!
    Stay Safe, Mr. Kresse

    ECMEA All County Festivals are CANCELLED. Please return your ALL County music to the school ASAP. 

    Instrument cleaning tips: 

    • For brass players:  Use a mouthpiece brush or papertowel (NOT TISSUES), hot water and soap to scrub the inside and outside of your mouthpiece.  Rinse well and let air dry.  You may also soak the mouthpiece in mouth wash. 
    • For Saxophone and clarinets: Use a mouthpiece brush or papertowel (NOT TISSUES) to scrub the inside and outside of your water with hot water and soap.  Rinse well and let air dry. 
    • Flutes: Use warm water and soap to wash the outside of your head joint.  Be careful not to submerge the headjoint into water as it will ruin the cork. 
    • Oboes: Use mouthwash to briefly soak your reed, rinse and let dry before soaking your reed to play. 
    • Percussion: Wipe sticks and equipment with disenfecting cleaning wipes and let dry. Be careful not to saturate your equipment. 
    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!



    Mr. John Kresse
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    High School Concert Band Director
    7th Grade General Music Teacher
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