• Welcome,

    In this uncertain time, we will be continuing instruction using Google Classroom. Students currently enrolled in my middle school tecnnology classes will need to access their School supplied Google Account and open the Google Classroom app. I invited all my students to their google classes but if for some reason they where not invited they will need to JOIN their class using the CLASS CODE given below.

    2019-2020 Gardner's 6th Grade - 3rd Quarter Technology Class

    Google Classroom Code: zhfcnrq

    2019-2020 Gardner's 7th Grade - Odd Days Technology Class 

    Google Classroom Code: sozjjtm

    2019-2020 Gardner's 7th Grade - Even Days Technology Class 

    Google Classroom Code: sa4uarz

    Mark Gardner
    Technology Education Teacher
    Lake Shore Central Middle School
    Erie Road Road
    Angola, New York 14006