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    NOTE: The Lake Shore Central School District is for Grades 6-12 only.
    NOTE: Please use a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
    NOTE: You must use the Parent Portal App if trying to access this from a phone or tablet. You cannot use a browser while on these devices. For information on how to install the app, click here: Parent Portal Mobile App Installation Instructions
    NOTE: Lake Shore Central School District Code: WQZJ 
    When you create your new account you will need:
    •  Your old Parent Portal log on user name and password codes
      • DO NOT use the student log on codes
      • You MUST use upper case LETTERS when entering the code
    •  Make sure to indicate YOUR relationship with the student (For example, you would indicate Mother or Father, NOT son or daughter)
    •  If you do not have your old codes, please contact the Main Office of your child's school
    •  Parent Portal accounts only available for Grades 6-12

     Click Here to Access the Single Parent Sign On Creation Guide


    Parent/Guardian/Student Acceptable Use Policy

    for PowerSchool Parent Access  

    • All of these conditions are applicable to student access, as well as parent/guardian access.
    • The sole purpose for PowerSchool access is to provide academic/attendance data to parents/guardians for only their Middle School or High School child.
    • It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to protect the security of this username and password. Parents may choose to provide their child his/her own username and password so the student can also view their attendance and grade information.   The district accepts no responsibility in the event the username/password is shared, given, stolen, or in any other way becomes the possession of a person other than the parent/guardian/student.
    • Only the parent/guardian is given the access information via United States mail. The district does not give this information in person, via phone, email, or fax.
    • Users must realize that email and other communications via the Internet are not guaranteed to be private and are subject to Federal and State education laws.
    • Users shall not attempt to use a username and password that has been assigned for use of another individual.
    • Parents/guardians who would like to meet regarding an issue with a teacher should schedule a meeting via the office.
    • Parents/guardians should be sensitive to the student load of teachers when contact them: excessive e-mailing can be detrimental to the lesson plan preparation of the teacher.
    • Parents/guardians of students at the high school or middle school should encourage their child to make first contact with the teacher when making a grade inquiry. This contact should occur at a time when the teacher is not teaching.

      DISCLAIMER: This system is provided as a convenience. The data is the property of the Lake Shore School District and is available ONLY to parents/students currently attending Lake Shore Middle School or High School. Grades and other information provided by this system are not official records and may or may not be accurate. For official grades and student records, please contact your child’s school. 


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