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    Children enrolling in Kindergarten in the Lake Shore Central School District for September 2022 can register NOW!
    Here's an information sheet on Kindergarten registration.

    Please call the main office of your neighborhood elementary school to set up an appointment for Kindergarten screening for registered students.  Screening dates will take place at the end of May.
    (If you do not know which school serves your immediate neighborhood, please contact our Transportation Department at 926-2240.)
    A.J. Schmidt Elementary: 716-926-2350
    Highland Elementary: 716-926-2460
    J.T. Waugh Elementary: 716-926-2370

    To be enrolled in the September 2022 Kindergarten class:

    • A child living in the Lake Shore Central School District must be five years of age on or before Dec. 1, 2022.
    • Proof of age is required at time of registration. A birth certificate, baptismal record, or a passport will serve as proof. Also, an official record of immunizations and proof of residency is required for registration.
    • All immunizations are required by the start of school in September. Students without required immunizations will not be permitted to start school.
    • Kindergarten Visitation - Parents and entering students will be invited to visit classrooms, take a short bus ride, and meet teachers before the start of school. 

    kid line 1 Here is "Everything You Need to Know About Registering for Kindergarten" with Coordinator of Early Learning Christine Starks.


    2nd kid in line Below you will find greetings and Kindergarten tours with our Elementary School Building Principals:

    A.J. Schmidt Tour with Principal Jill Clark
    You can stay connected with A.J. Schmidt news at their web site!

    Highland Tour with Principal Colleen Politowski

    You can stay connected with Highland news at their web site!

    J.T. Waugh Tour with Principal Paula  Eastman
    You can stay connected with J.T. Waugh news at their web site!


    3rd kid in line School Breakfasts & Lunches are served every day. What's on the menu? What if I have questions?
    Here are the details about the school meal program from Personal Touch Food Service Director Debbie Becker.
    You also will find the cafeteria web site very helpful.


    4th kid in line There's a lot to know about riding the school bus!
    You will find helpful information at the transportation web site.


    kid number five in line We would like to let you know about our Elementary School Counselors. They help support student academic, personal and social growth. 
    You can learn more at the Elementary Counselor web site.


    kid number 6 in line Here's information about our Family Support Center, which provides links to services to enhance physical, social and emotional well-being.
    You also may want to check out the Family Support Center web site.


    We are excited about all the new children starting Kindergarten this Fall!

    If you have questions or need more information, we can be reached at:
    Registrar: 926-2217
    Christine Starks, Coordinator of Early Learning: 926-2480
    A.J. Schmidt Elementary School: 926-2350
    Highland Elementary School: 926-2460
    J.T. Waugh Elementary School: 926-2370
    Food Service: 926-2290
    Transportation: 926-2240