• Lake Shore Central Schools
    (Evans-Brant Central School District)

    District Mission Statement:
    Lake Shore Central School District in partnership with our students, families and
    school community will cultivate engaging, diverse, and challenging educational
    opportunities and learning environments to promote life-long learning and
    achievement in preparation for high school graduation, college and careers.

    2022-23 District Goals

    The District will maintain a District Action Plan to document maintenance and improvements in key focus areas, including Academics, Health and Safety, Fiscal Responsibility, Technology, Facilities, Communications, and Community engagement. The District will.....
    • Maintain a rigorous curriculum and high-quality instruction to advance the learning of all students.
    • Provide school community members with opportunities to support their mental and physical health and safety.
    • Utilize state and federal funding to maintain and expand educational opportunities. 
    • Advocate for digital equity of technology at the local, state and federal levels for all students. 
    • Continue to maintain our facilities at the highest level, and demonstrate fiscal responsibility in all areas of operation, including Capital Construction Project Plans. 
    • Develop family-school-community partnerships to improve academic outcomes. 


    2022-23 Board of Education Goals

    Goal: Review and update all local Board Policies through 2022-2023 to ensure that the District is in compliance with Education Law and Commissioner's Regulations, and understands and reflects local practice as directed by the Board.
    Goal: Develop a District Strategic Plan to provide direction and priority areas through the 2025-2026 school year.
    Goal: Improve Board Performance in areas identified through self-assessment.