Call the Community Education Office at the W.T. Hoag Educational Center for a registration packet.
    Please call Community Education at 926-2270 with any questions.


    2020-2021 Holiday Valley Programs

    The Ultimate Select is a season pass for one night a week. Select one night of the week that suits your schedule and ski that night for the entire season.

    Includes 8 group lessons and one bonus day anytime in March or April.

    • Ultimate Select, Sunday Night card ; $165.00

    • Ultimate Select, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Night card ;  $145.00

    • Ultimate Select, Thursday Night card ;  $150.00

    • Ultimate Select, Friday or Saturday Night card ; $199.00

    • Ultimate College Night Pass: $209 thru 12/1; $259 after 12/1

    • Ultimate College Pass:  $309 thru 12/1; $359 after 12/1

    Flex Night (includes 8 nights, 1 bonus day & lessons) ; $193.00

    Student Season Pass ; $435.00

    Night Student Season Pass ; $320.00


    These passes include lessons; Lake Shore Beginner Skiers and Snowboarders must participate in lessons.


    2020-2021 Equipment Rental Rates

    All Season helmet rental - $25.00

    All Season Ski/Snowboard rental - $119.00


    **Please submit one check for both the ski package and transportation made

    payable to: Lake Shore Central School District.**


    PLAN AHEAD.....Friday, October 30th is the deadline!

    A $20.00 late fee will be applied starting November 1st.


    Registration cards must be completed in advance and have

    both student and parent signatures.